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Valentines Cookie Cutters. Set of 6 Unique Heart Valentines Cookie Cutters. Modern Designs, Four Sizes, Tons of Colors!

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Valentines cookie cutters that show your valentines cookies come from the heart!

This set features 6 unqiue heart shaped valentines cookie cutters, including:

Perfect heart
Double heart
Broken heart
Modern heart
Flying heart
Hand shaped heart

Double heart shape cookie cutters that show your cookies come from the heart!

Set features our double heart valentines day cookie cutter pattern. This double heart shape symbolizes coming together and unity.

Our valentines day cookie cutters are specially designed to leave clean, sharp edges in a wide variety of cookie dough. They also work well as fondant cutters or clay cutters too!

These cutters have been tested on (delicious!) recipes that are included with your purchase. This means no guessing and everything you need to make beautiful and delicious cookies every time.

Kit contains:

* Cutters
* 1 delicious sugar cookie recipe tested on these cutters
* 1 gluten free sugar cookie recipe tested on these cutters
* 3 super yummy icing recipes
* Care instructions

Available individually, as a set of 6 or set of 4 in each size (Tiny, Small, Medium, Large).

The sturdy, open back design gives you the best of both worlds - simple dough extraction no matter what consistency you're working with and a solid, easy to grip cutter that doesn't bend.

All our cutters are made of high quality food safe biodegradeable plastic and come in a large selection of colors.

Don't see the color you're looking for? Send us a message - we probably have it!

Pictured colors are Powder Pink, Red and White, size is 4" height.