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Totally Custom Outdoor Sign Letters. Any Font, Size Or Color. Perfect For Outdoor Use at Home or Any Occasion!

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High quality completely custom outdoor sign letters made in Canada. Perfect for outdoor use!

You choose the font, size and color. We bring your project to life! All characters from any font supported - don't limit yourself to just numbers and letters.

Choose any free font from MS Word, Google Fonts or Specify your font choice in the text box at checkout.

Ideal for outdoor use in hot and cold climates. Letters feature micro-textured front and matte back.

Easy to mount using Gorilla Tape (sticks to brick / stone / wood & more!), finishing nails, screws or Gorilla Glue.

Ideal for:
House plaques
Garage signs
House numbers
Street name signs
Cottage signs
& more!

Price is per sign letter. Letters are made from top-quality 3D-printed plastic. Letters come in a micro textured surface that is paint-friendly. Care for them as you would softwood (pine, cedar, etc) which can be sanded, spray painted or hand-painted. Painting not required - they look great as-is!

Letter depth is 7.62mm (approx. .3 inches). If you require deeper letters, please contact us for pricing before ordering.

Letters mount with adhesive (glue, caulking, epoxy, etc.) Option available for screw mounting holes for additional $1 per letter. Standoffs also available. **Please message before ordering if you want this option**