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Custom Wall Sign Letters - 3 Inch Thick

Custom Wall Sign Letters - 3 Inch Thick

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Letter Height (inches)

High quality completely custom 3 inch thick sign letters! Showcase your business in your own voice with our custom wall sign letters!

Any font, size or color. Perfect for lobby signs, reception areas, meeting rooms & more!

Just enter the number of letters you want, the height of your letters, the font you want to use and pick a color. We'll then bring your vision to life!


Price is per character. The quantity of letters you add to your cart MUST match the word(s) you're looking to spell.

All characters from any font supported - don't limit yourself to just numbers and letters.

Choose any free font from Google Fonts, Microsoft Office or sites like 

Ideal for:
Reception area
Waiting rooms
Restaurant entryways
Medical offices
Dental offices

Price is per sign letter. Letters are made from eco-friendly PLA bio-plastic. 

Letters come in a micro textured semi-gloss surface that is paint-friendly. Care for them as you would softwood (pine, cedar, etc) which can be sanded, spray painted or hand-painted. Painting not required - they look great as-is! For indoor use only.

Maximum single character width is 8in for letters 9in height or under and square for characters over 9in (ex. 9.5in x 9.5in, 10in x 10in). Characters over these dimensions must either be narrowed or you must purchase a larger size.

Letter depth is 3 inches (76.2mm)

Letters can be mounted to nearly every surface. As these letters are heavier we recommend mounting with BOTH two sided tape (Gorilla Tape Heavy, 3M VHB) and adhesive such as Loctite Fast Grab. 

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