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Custom Screw Mount Sign Letters (1/4in). Any Font, Size Or Color. Stunning Screw Mount Sign Letters For Offices, Meeting Rooms & More!

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High quality completely custom screw mount sign letters! Showcase your business in your own voice with our custom screw mount sign letters!

Just provide the font, color and height - we'll bring your idea to life!

Use any font from Google Fonts,, Microsoft Fonts or even your logo!

**IMPORTANT** Price is PER character. For example for letters that spell "Welcome!" a quantity of 8 letters must be added to your basket. If the correct amount of letters is not added your order will be canceled and it will need to be re-placed with the correct quantity.

Our wall sign letters are lightweight yet super strong thanks to our cutting edge design and manufacturing process.

Securely mount using screws to a wide variety of surfaces including wood, brick, stone & more!

Our wall sign letters are made from advanced corn starch based polymer that is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

We offer a wide variety of colors including metallic finishes like gold and silver.

Indoor use only (see our other listings for outdoor letters.)

Max single character size of 9in x 8.3in.

Letter depth is 1/4in.

Screw holes are sized according to letter thickness, generally from M1.5 to M3 size.

Hole placement varies according to the font chosen and particular characters.

Have a question? Need help with measurements? Send us a message!

Proudly made in the USA!