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Frederick, Maryland
18.50 - 22 usd / hour
Full time

About Us

Spot Industries is a cutting edge manufacturer of plastic and bioplastic products for home and work. We use advanced 3d printing technology to solve a wide range of problems for our clients that can't be solved using traditional plastic manufacturing processes. Our products are stronger, lighter and available in more colors and finishes than traditionally manufactured plastic products. Many are also biodegradable thanks to the use of plant based bio-plastics that can be composted in commercial facilities.

We sell our products exclusively online through multiple sales channels including our website. We sell directly to both consumers and professionals in the interior design, architecture and tradeshow fields.

Spot Industries was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2020 and is consolidating our two production facilities into our first full scale production facility in Frederick, Maryland. We are a family business operated by an entrepreneurial founder with a background in building and scaling technology products. We have founded multiple successful businesses over the years and are actively scaling Spot Industries due to strong customer demand.

About This Opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a true startup and help build a company. Our products have good fit in the marketplace but we need help creating a best in class production organization that delivers perfect quality products on time, within budget and without safety incidents.

As a founding member of our Production team you will have the opportunity to improve the execution of existing production procedures, optimize those procedures and help define the playbook that allows our production capacity to scale 3-5x while maintaining quality, cost control and safety.

As part of a real startup this role requires you to strike the careful balance between digging in and relentlessly executing while also helping to level up procedures, playbooks and the role roadmap to scale with the company's growth.

Along the way you will get first hand experience with a cutting edge industry - 3d printing - and the opportunity to learn from a technical founder that played a key role in taking Uber Eats from 5 cities to a global food delivery giant.

Role Details

Manufacturing, quality assurance and packing our products for shipment is the responsibility of the production department.

Customer expectations of quality are extremely high while deadlines for delivery of finished products are always tight.

Our Production Specialists are solely responsible for the quality of orders produced, the accuracy of fulfilled orders and ensuring orders are completed on time.

This means operating our 3D printers to produce the products necessary to fill incoming orders, ensuring the quality of products produced, checking orders to make sure what we ship is what the customer ordered and packing orders for pickup by shipping carriers such that they arrive safely and free of shipping related damage.

Success in this role is accomplished using a mix of skills to get the job done, including technical knowledge of 3D printing, meticulous attention to detail to ensure our products are free from defects and time management to ensure jobs are completed on time.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about 3D printing and regularly prints for work, play, school or all of the above.

Experience using Prusa (or similar) printers and executing challenging prints (not just Benchy’s!) is desirable and will be helpful to being successful in this role.

Demonstrated academic success - specifically in courses of a technical or mathematical nature or where 3D printing was needed - is also desirable and will be useful on a daily basis.

Job Tasks

Plan & execute production schedule

  • Arrive to work on time and quickly get all machines up and producing orders
  • Ensure little jobs are done during the day
  • Set up longer jobs to successfully run overnight
  • Coordinate with Engineering or Customer Service to ensure the correct inputs are available to complete jobs
  • Create gcode files used for printing based on supplied STL files from Engineering and Customer Service
  • Correct settings for the material type / machine type / surface finish and physical geometry
  • Map the right job to the right type of machine based on the job type and the machines available that can perform that job

Operate 20-30 FDM 3D printers of various types

  • Make sure all your machines are running, successfully, for 12+ printing hours each day
  • Walk your line of printers to ensure first layers go down perfectly and that defects that occur mid-print are caught early
  • Adjust settings based on material type, product type, surface finish and observed defects
  • Check completed prints meticulously for defects and adjust printer settings to correct these defects
  • Ensure printers have adequate filament to fulfill their jobs
  • Clean plates between jobs

Execute post-production work to remove defects

  • Remove print defects by steam cleaner, heat gun, flush cutters, knives and other tools

Proof orders

  • Inspect orders meticulously to ensure the free from a variety of defect types
  • Ensure orders are produced correctly (ex. Size, color, product type)
  • Execute de-dos for defects caught at the proofing stage

Photograph orders

  • Take high quality digital photography of all proofed and ready to ship orders

Pack orders

  • Package products according to the type of item, material and number of items in an order
  • Print shipping labels and apply to packed orders such that they are ready for pickup

Location & Hours

Our production facility is located in Frederick, Maryland in the Ballinger Creek area (I-270 and I-70).

Hours for this role are Mon-Fri, 7:30am - 5pm.


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