Marketing Manager - Digital (Performance, Ecommerce)

Marketing Manager - Digital (Performance, Ecommerce) APPLY NOW

Frederick, Maryland
51000 - 67000 usd / year
Full time

About This Opportunity

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a true startup and help build a company. Our products have good fit in the marketplace but we need help creating a best in class marketing team that raises awareness of our products with the right customers at the right time to drive sales growth.

As a founding member of our Marketing team you will have the opportunity to improve the execution of existing marketing while expanding into new channels with new content types.

As part of a real startup this role requires you to strike the careful balance between digging in and relentlessly executing while also helping to level up procedures, playbooks and the role roadmap to scale with the company's growth.

Along the way you will get first hand experience with a cutting edge industry - 3d printing - and the opportunity to learn from a technical founder with significant online advertising experience who also played a key role in taking Uber Eats from 5 cities to a global food delivery giant.

Role Details

We make a wide selection of products that have been refined over the years to have strong fit in the market (sales, 5 star reviews etc..).

However our growth to date has mostly been driven organically via new products rather than consistent marketing efforts.

Our first Marketing Manager is responsible for optimizing the online presence of our products through product listings and then executing online marketing campaigns that generate significant positive ROI.

This means quickly getting into the details and taking rapid action - decision making, building, optimizing - to rapidly grow sales while maintaining profit margins.

You’ll be creating a plan, building the campaigns and creatives necessary to meet goals and adjusting campaigns (channels, bids, placements, creatives, products, audiences etc..) to achieve target ROAS. 

Success in this role is accomplished using a mix of skills to get the job done, including the ability to design high performance creatives for text, image and video, meticulous attention to financial performance and strong written communication showcasing the impact of your work.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for someone with experience successfully managing multiple types of online advertising campaigns, ideally in an ecommerce context where ROAS is of primary importance.

Experience with online marketplaces, display ad DSPs, landing page optimization, email marketing, video ads (ex. TikTok) and influencer marketing will be helpful to being successful in this role.

Demonstrated academic success - specifically in courses of a visual arts or mathematical nature - is also desirable and will be useful on a daily basis.

Job Tasks

Analyze and enhance marketplace product listing performance

  • Optimize product listings on our website and marketplace storefronts to improve conversion rate
  • Identify poor performing product listings
  • Use copy, images, videos and other attributes to improve listing performance
  • Improve product landing pages to delivery target ROI

Manage ROI positive performance ad campaigns

  • Ex. Amazon, Google, Etsy
  • Adjust keywords, bids, bidding strategies, negative keywords to achieve ROI targets

Manage ROI positive display ad campaigns

  • Self Serve DSPs
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook

Create high performance creative assets

  • Design compelling creatives that drive performance using your design skills, existing photography assets and 3rd party tools where needed

Email marketing

  • Develop email marketing plan including goals, KPIs and content calendar
  • Execute email blasts and adjust campaign parameters based on observed performance metrics

Create & Distribute weekly campaign performance summary report

  • Clearly communicate marketing progress to key stakeholders
  • Present trends, insights and performance to track progress over time

Expand & scale new marketing channels

  • Methodically test and measure emerging marketing channels (ex. Tiktok Ads, Influencer, Shopify Collective, contact form marketing)
  • Scale high performing channels while maintaining target ROAS

Location & Hours

Our office is located in Frederick, Maryland in the Ballinger Creek area (I-270 and I-70).

Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm

This role is not currently eligible for hybrid or remote work due to our early stage and small team size.


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