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Care Instructions

Our dough sticks are made with high quality biodegradable plastic that is food safe! 

This plastic is made from corn starch. While this is good for the environment, you need to care for them to avoid damage.

Do not heat dough sticks. At temperatures above 60° Celsius (140° F) they will deform.

Do not press onto hot dough. Use a knife instead.

Sticks MUST be hand washed in lukewarm, soapy water. 

Washing in the dishwasher will permanently damage them. Washing with hot water or chemical cleaners will also damage them.

To minimize wear, wash immediately after use. Do not use chemical cleaners. 

Store out of direct sunlight to avoid colours fading.

How To Use

Roll your dough on parchment paper or a silicon baking mat. 

Place your dough sticks on the paper or mat, away from our dough to avoid sticks slipping.

Place with height signs up (they have a slight texture on the back which prevents slipping).

If you flour the surface before your roll ensure the dough sticks do not have flour under them - if they do, they'll slide around.

Place sticks on either side of a ball of dough. As dough spreads and gets thinner, move dough sticks away from dough.

Continue rolling dough until the dough is the same level as the sticks.



We recomment Springerle I from Allrecipes

This traditional German dough is both delicious and functional. It isn't too sweet but when you make these thicker (1/4"+) they have a delightful chewy texture.

Why we like this recipe?

It's easy. 

The taste and texture are outstanding.

It's easy to make gluten free. Use Bob's 1:1 flour instead of all purpose and they come out just the same, minus the gluten.

Tips From Our Kitchen

This dough is perfect for our Tiny sized cutters or more intricate shapes like our Snowflake. It's a tough, dry dough that holds its shape well and comes out of our smaller / finer cutters easily.

1/8" height will make crisp cookies that are nice for dipping (tea, hot cocoa!).

1/4" height will make delightfully chewy cookies that are great on their own.

If you aren't a fan of Star Anise you can just brush the seeds off the bottom. This will add a slight layer of flavor without overpowering.

Seal in an air-free container after baking (zip loc bag is ideal). These cookies don't have much moisture and will dry out quickly.


We recommend King Arthur Flour’s Construction Gingerbread Recipe

Why we like this recipe?

It's versatile. It makes a nice construction gingerbread if you're making a house but the taste and texture are outstanding. The buttermilk gives it a tanginess that makes the extra ingredients worth it.

Tips From Our Kitchen

Be sure to roll your dough thin! The dough is tough and requires considerable work to roll thinly. It rises about double when cooked.

If using in a gingerbread house let it dry / cool completely before using. More time is better. You want the moisture to be removed prior to gluing with a sugar base glue. If you use it too early you'll make a nice house, only to see it fall apart the next morning because if the moisture melted the sugar glue.

Feel free to add more ginger and cinnamon for extra flavour and scent if using for ornaments or other non-edible uses.

Gluten-Free Gingerbread

We recommend GF Jules’ GF Gingerbread Recipe

Why we like this recipe?

While this recipe doesn’t use many common household flours it produces a construction-grade gingerbread that actually works well. This can be tough to find!

Tips From Our Kitchen

Bob’s 1:1 GF flour or King Arthur 1:1 GF flour can be used instead of GF Jules brand. Avoid general purpose GF flours as a substitute.

Gluten-Free Vegan Crackers 

We recommend The Minimalist Baker's Gluten Free Vegan Crackers

Why we like this recipe?

It isn't too complicated but tastes amazing!

It's a safe choice for appetizers if you're worried about the dietary needs of your guests

There's loads of ways to change the flavors.

Tips From Our Kitchen

Dough sticks and parchment paper will give you the perfect uniform height!

1/16th or 1/8th inch height is perfect for crackers.

If you don't need it vegan, swap out flaxseed meal for an egg.

Use cold water to even out the texture depending on your 1:1 flour.

We found Bob's Red Mill flour works very well for these.

For a cheesy flavor add nutritional yeast - tastes great and is healthy too! 


We recommend King Arthur Flour’s Construction Gingerbread Recipe Icing

This recipe is good for both construction value and taste. We suggest cooling it in the refrigerator before piping.

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Sugar Cookie Gingerbread House By Kari Skelton


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