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Care Instructions


Avoid excessive torque with mounting screws. Excessive torque may crack the mount and isn't needed for a sturdy mounting.


Tips & Tricks

Attach mount to the desired surface first. Then attach your doorbell to the mount.

Attach your mount to the desired surface using appropriate type of screw. For example use a wood screw if wood, masonry screw if brick etc.

Use the mounting hardware included with your doorbell to attach it to the mount.

You can also attach any mount included with your purchase to the new mount. This is necessary on some models (ex. Ring Doorbell Mount) to achieve the desired angle of view.

The sun can cause problems! Beware of mounting your camera facing the sun - it can blind it and make the video stream impossible to view. Try to find a shaded mounting spot. If that's not possible consider a mount with a visor to improve picture quality.

Nest Mounts

Our Nest series of mounts are designed to work with the mounting bracket the came with the device.

Attach your mount to the wall, attache the Nest mount and then attach your Nest doorbell.

The Nest mount is not required and it may be advisable to compare angles. 15 degrees can make a difference depending on your desired angle of view.

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