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Customer Service Specialist - Part Time APPLY NOW

Fully Remote - USA Only
Customer Experience
12.50 - 14.50 usd / hour
Part time

About Us

Spot Industries is a cutting edge manufacturer of plastic and bioplastic products for home and work. We use advanced 3d printing technology to solve a wide range of problems for our clients that can't be solved using traditional plastic manufacturing processes. Our products are stronger, lighter and available in more colors and finishes than traditionally manufactured plastic products. They're also biodegradable thanks to the use of plant based bio-plastics that can be composted in commercial facilities.

We sell our products exclusively online through multiple sales channels including our website. We sell directly to both consumers and professionals in the interior design, architecture and tradeshow fields.

Spot Industries was founded in Toronto, Canada in 2020 and operates two micro-factories located in Toronto, Ontario and Bel Air, Maryland. We are a true family business operated by brothers with backgrounds in aeronautical engineering and technology product management. We have founded multiple successful technology businesses over the years and are actively scaling Spot Industries due to overwhelming customer demand.

About This Opportunity

This is a great opportunity to join a true startup and personally help build a company. Our products have good fit in the marketplace but we need help defining a best in class service organization that delivers fast, five star customer service to all our customers, big or small.

As a founding member of our Customer Experience team you will have the opportunity to improve the execution of existing customer service procedures, optimize those procedures and help define the playbook that makes our customer engagement noticeably better than our competitors.

As part of a real startup this role requires you to strike the careful balance between digging in and relentlessly executing while also helping level up procedures, playbooks and the role roadmap to scale with the company's growth.

Along the way you will get first hand experience with a cutting edge industry - 3d printing - and the opportunity to learn from technical co-founders who fly jet aircraft and have been a key part of taking Uber Eats from 5 cities to a global food delivery giant.

About This Role

Our products have a large number of possible configurations (make, model, size, depth, color, finish etc...) and our customers have very specific needs. This means they often want detailed questions about our products answered prior to making a purchase.

This large ability to configure our products also leads to customers placing orders that are either technically not possible or missing key information required to complete the order.

Our Customer Service Specialist is responsible for all customer facing communication which includes both our professional and retail customers.

This entails a mix of proactive and reactive customer outreach across multiple channels such as email, online messages, social media and phone.

All customer outreach is tightly measured. This means service interactions must happen promptly, be at the highest professional standards for thoughtful problem solving as well as written communication and drive business outcomes like generating a sale or avoiding a customer complaint in the future.

Our Customer Service Specialist will take strong ownership of all customer interactions, turning problems into solutions, clarifying important details and working diligently with customers to deliver an experience that keeps them coming back.

Key Personal Attributes

Strong and empathetic written communication

Careful attention to detail

Meticulous with follow-up

Organized and always planning

Interested in learning about a new business / industry

Contagiously positive attitude and personality

Key Job Duties

  1. Responding to inbound customer inquiries promptly & professionally
  2. Proactively following up with incomplete orders
  3. Proactively following up with delivery issues
  4. Missing / incorrect addresses
  5. Package arrived damaged
  6. Preparing price quotes
  7. Sending invoices for payment
  8. Responding to negative marketplace reviews
  9. Finding & following customers on Instagram
  10. Posting customer pictures on Instagram

Other Details

100% remote, forever, unless you would prefer in-office if and when available.

Evening and weekend hours

Occasional travel to Maryland and/or Canada paid for by company.

Applications are open to residents of the United States only.

Applicants must disclose any / all concurrent work obligations during the application process.

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