Custom Signs & Sign Letters

Our custom sign letters are made from lightweight yet durable material and our cutting edge manufacturing techniques make them super strong. This means great looking letters that easily mount to a large number of surfaces including brick, stone and wood.

To get the most out of your purchase and avoid accidental damage we've developed the following guide for easy, trouble free installation & care.


Carefully unwrap your letters and place them face up, with the rough side touching the surface you're using to unpack.

Do not place face down or stack one on top of the other - your letters are easily scratched by fine dirt, sand etc.

If placing face down do so on a clean dishcloth, towel or other soft material.

Check all packing material carefully for smaller letters, punctuation marks or other smaller characters.

Do not discard packaging until you have thoroughly checked it to ensure no pieces of your order are in the packing material.


Avoid placing your letters in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cause your letters to fade more quickly so try find a placement that is either out of the sun or has only partial sunlight.

Do not place indoor letters outside. 

Indoor letters placed outside are likely to deform due to heat / cold cycles and will fade more rapidly due poor UV light resistance.

Installation & Mounting

There are a large number of ways to mount our letters and which you choose  depends on the size / shape / color of the letters, the surface you're mounting to, how much you care about damage to that surface and how secure you need the mount to be.

Two Sided Tape

Generally we prefer two sided tapes due to how easy they are to use. Tapes generally work best for thick, larger letters.

3M Command Strips are great for painted drywall and won't damage the surface.

Gorilla Tape or Gorilla Tape heavy are our other preferred tapes which supply nail-like strength without holes in things and can attach to pretty much everything including brick and stone. Avoid using on painted drywall as they will leave residue or strip paint.


Glues work well particularly if your letters are small or thin.

We recommend Gorilla Glue Gel as our preferred glue. A hot melt glue gun or common white / wood glues can also work as well.

Glues require masking tape to hold the letters in place to avoid slipping. Once your letters are glued they need to taped in place while the glue cures.

For outdoor or high strength applications polyurethane glues, caulking or epoxy work best.

Nails & Screws

Nails and screws must only be used with letters that have pre-made holes.

Using nails or screws on letters without holes is likely to result in cracked or damaged letters.

If using nails finishing nails provide good mounting strength with minimal disruption to the front of your letters. If using nails we suggest placing paper over your letter while hammering to avoid accidentally hitting your letter and damaging the surface.

Do not use a nail gun. These are calibrated specifically for wood and are likely to crack your letters.

Do not use screws unless your letters were ordered with screw holes. Using screws on solid front letters is likely to cause unexpected damage.

If your letters were ordered with screw holes make sure you use the correct size screw. Our common sizes are M1.6, M2, M2.5 and M3. We do not use larger screws.

Use of screws that are too large risk splitting your letters.

The size of screw hole(s) used on your order can be found on the packing slip that came with your order.

Do not over-tighten screws or use an electric drill. Screws should be tightened to finger tightness only.

Care & Cleaning

Clean only with lukewarm water and mild dish soap.

Use a clean microfiber cloth while cleaning and ensure all debris is thoroughly rinsed off before wiping.

Do not expose to extreme heat or chemicals.


Looking for inspiration? Want to see how other people have mounted there letters? Check out the pictures below to get inspired!