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  • Read the Care Instructions for your product. It contains important information you need to understand to avoid damaging your product and ensuring it lasts for years to come.

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Care Instructions

Your product is made with high quality biodegradable plastic that is food safe! 

This plastic is made from corn starch. While this is good for the environment, you need to care for them to avoid damage.

Do not heat. At temperatures above 60° Celsius (140° F) they will deform.

Your product MUST be hand washed in lukewarm, soapy water. 

Washing in the dishwasher will permanently damage your product. Washing with hot water or chemical cleaners can also damage them.

To minimize wear, wash immediately after use with warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Do not use chemical cleaners. 

Store out of direct sunlight to avoid colours fading.


Installing Your Hopper

Check to ensure your hopper fits comfortably into your machine. There should be no tension on the side of your new hopper - it should fit easily into the receptacle. 

When first installing we suggest placing a moderate amount of downward pressure before turning your hopper to lower the amount of friction on the connector brackets.

By pushing down slightly you lower the profile under the connector ever so slightly, resulting in a secure fit without damaging your hopper.

Subsequent installs should require minimal or no downward pressure as the material wears to the exact dimensions of your machine.

For the Baratze Sette 270 series hoppers ensure the upper right bracket is all the way down before turning. This bracket controls the locking mechanism and the unit will not turn unless it is pressed all the way down.


Fit Guarantee

Espresso grinders are precision machines. Our accessories are designed with an equal level of precision to provide you a similar, high quality experience.

While all our products are tested on real, working machines manufacturers do introduce new models from time to time and may ever so slightly change the dimensions of their machines.

Even a 1mm difference is enough to change how your product fits.

If you experience any fit issues with your product let us know. We will work with you to ensure you receive an updated, properly fitted product.

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Sugar Cookie Gingerbread House By Kari Skelton


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