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Nintendo Switch OLED Case Arcade Style! Get That Retro Feel With This 80s Style Nintendo Switch OLED Case Kit or Assembled

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Get that 80s arcade feel with this super cool customizable Nintendo Switch OLED case arcade!


Add up to 15 letters to the top of your case so everyone knows it's yours!

The Default option comes with text "Arcade" and circle logos on the sides. Want your own custom logos too? Please contact us for pricing!

This miniature arcade cabinet for the Nintendo Switch OLED is perfect for giving your Switch OLED a little retro personality in a super cute case. Available in a variety of solid colors!

This is the Wireless version of the arcade. Simply slide in your battery-powered Switch OLED and start playing with wireless controllers! Remove your console for charging.

Made from durable and biodegradable plastic, this switch shell protects while looking fantastic.

We offer this epic case in two models:

Fully assembled (Built) - Skip the work and get right into playing.

A DIY kit - for the builders. This super easy to assemble kit ships in 7 panels and only requires household glue like Krazy glue or Gorilla glue to complete. Complete instructions included!

All models are paintable using easy to find acrylic paint.

Pictured colors are Banana Yellow, Baby Blue, Powder Pink, Lime Green, Purple Lavender. Assembled case measures 9.5" x 9.5" x 7". All parts are 3d printed.

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