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Christmas Gingerbread House Pattern - Tiny (2.75" x 1.7" x 3.3"). Gingerbread House Patterns, Recipes, Tips & Tricks In One Complete Package

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Complete gingerbread house patterns for the house of your dreams!

This complete house building kit makes building a gingerbread house stress free so you and your family can enjoy the moment and have fun!

Our gingerbread house patterns provide a precise outline that produces clean, sharp edges for your gingerbread house stencils. This means a precise fit for construction and allows a intricate design that stands out. You can even put a candle inside!

Looking to make a huge gingerbread house? A massive gingerbread house? A tiny house? We've got you covered!

Our patterns come in a wide range of sizes that allow you to make the exact size house you're looking for.

All patterns are numbered and labeled to make sure nothing gets missed before the all important bake.

Pictured are sizes tiny (first two images, 2.75" x 1.7" x 3.3" ) and large (last image) which builds a gingerbread house 9 x 6.5 x 11.5 inches in size.

These patterns have been tested on (delicious!) recipes included with your purchase. This means no guessing and everything you need to build the perfect house the first time.

Note larger patterns require a large format printer. If you do not have a large format printer Staples is a great place to have them printed!

Kit contains:

* 9 labeled cutter patterns in PDF digital format
* 1 delicious gingerbread recipe tested on these cutters
* 1 gluten free gingerbread recipe tested on these cutters
* 1 edible krazy glue recipe
* 1 super magical chimney smoke recipe
* 1 icing recipe
* House building tips and tricks specifically for these cutters

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