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Google Nest Battery Mount, 45 Degrees. Get The Perfect Viewing Angle For Your Google Nest Battery

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Our Google Nest Battery mount allows you to mount your Nest Battery Video Doorbell aimed 45 degrees away from your door.

Ideal for mounting in places where brick or other tough surfaces make the stock Google Nest Battery mount impossible or difficult to secure.

Also great for changing the viewing angle to across the door and down a hall rather than straight out from the door.

Useful for doors with brick beside them and trim you don't want to drill into.

Direction is the viewing angle as though you were opening the door to your house to accept a delivery.

Approximate dimensions are 4.6" x 1" x .7".

Compatible with Google Nest Battery doorbells.

Suitable for indoor / outdoor use in all weather and climate.

Can be pointed left or right.

Model shown is in color White.


Position at about chest level for best viewframe.

Screw into mounting surface with appropriate screw (wood / masonry etc..).

Mount Nest Battery to bracket with 1/2" coarse screws.

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