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Extra Long Dough Sticks in 1/8" Thickness. Get The Perfect Dough Height Every Time With Our Extra Long Dough Sticks

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The #1 trick bakers and pastry chefs use to get absolutely perfect dough height!

Precision dough sticks give you the easiest way to get the perfect dough height every time. The kitchen accessory you never knew you needed!

Works for rolling out doughs, icings and fondants to the exact thickness every time. Great for cookies, cake decorating, gingerbread, pizza and more.

Just put them on each side of your dough, roll and then stop once your dough and the sticks is the same height. Easier to work with than rolling pin rings.

Smooth surface texture and solid design won't transfer heat from your hands, so your dough will not soften too quickly. Textured back reduces slipping and sliding.

Each pair contains two sticks of the same dimensions.

Purchase includes bonus recipes and comprehensive instructions to avoid slipping.

All our sticks are made from high quality food safe biodegradable plastic and come in a wide range of colors.

Current multi-color selection is White, Purple Lavender, Pink Powder, Blue Powder, Lime Green and Yellow.

Additional colors available upon request.

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