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Christmas Sweater Cookie Cutters. 4 Unique Christmas Sweater Cookie Cutters From 3 Inch to 8 Inch Height!

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Funky Christmas sweater cookie cutters that add personality to your Christmas cookies!

4 carefully chosen unique sweater designs that help you create vibe for your cookies that is sure to stand out.

This set is available in six sizes from 3 inch to 8 inch height. Our Christmas sweater cookie cutters and recipes make it fun and easy to create the perfect Christmas cookies.

Bake to eat or hang them in a tree! These shapes smell delicious as cinnamon tree ornaments!

Our cutters are designed to leave clean, sharp edges. They're made of high quality food safe biodegradable plastic and come in a wide variety of colors!

Kit contains:

* 4 cutters
* 1 delicious gingerbread recipe tested on these cutters
* 1 gluten free gingerbread recipe tested on these cutters
* 1 icing recipe
* Care instructions

About us:

We specialize in creating reasonably priced, eco-friendly products that are locally made.

We make all of our items using clean manufacturing technologies. We don't import our items from far away countries and we don't package them in unnecessary plastic. Over 90% of our packaging is re-used.

This allows our products to have a lower carbon footprint, arrive faster and have a lower price than similar products.

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